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You win with wirkshop

Discover with Wirkshop how you can actively use your experiences in the rowing boat for the success of your company. Fun and adrenaline can be experienced by everyone, regardless of personal fitness.


is available in English and German


The shared experience, from the first strokes of the rowing to the group dynamic learning processes to the gliding of the boat, is what makes Wirkshop so valuable and different from rowing club offerings.


Self-efficacy, trust, leadership and togetherness are revealed in the rowing boat as direct factors influencing the boat's course. This direct, immediate experience creates useful values for work and everyday life.


Even the briefest moments of gliding and flow as a team effort create great feelings of happiness in the group. The final race is pure fun and adrenaline and can be experienced by everyone, regardless of personal fitness.

"Laugh and let others laugh"

Our happy customers

Speaking for myself and the whole team, I would like to officially thank Wirkshop once again for the successful event. You guided us brilliantly through a world and activity that was unknown to us and we always felt safe and in good hands.

At the same time, the various tips have always led to success. MERCI.

Anna Heuberger, Head of Primary School Kradolf

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