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About Us

WIRKSHOP was founded after many years of experience as a worker, manager and trainer in trades, industry and sport. With every project and goal worldwide, the realization grew that working together as a team is an important, if not the most important, factor for success. My joy in making a positive difference with people led to the idea of "WIRKSHOP"; making a difference, letting people experience first-hand and having fun what is so simple in theory. This joy continues to motivate me in the third WIRKSHOP decade.

My story

Paul Stahlberg: My vocational training and my studies in food technology at the University of Applied Sciences form my professional basis, which I have applied in various management and training positions around the world. Working with people from all cultures was a great value of this work. The training as a health trainer and ILP coach has enabled me to work as a nutrition lecturer and to be self-employed with since 2000.
In addition to various sports, motorcycling, dogs, house, garden and interest in politics, rowing takes up a lot of space in our family. I myself regularly take part in Euro and World Masters competitions. Rowing is also practiced by our second generation. My two daughters Kim and Eva Stahlberg have been rowing since they were 8 years old.

Her brother Nico Stahlberg is a two-time Olympian and overall rowing world cup winner. We enthusiastically bring this experience to the wirkshop events.

Our team

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